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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sweaty Sunday!

This morning I went to the free Lululemon Sweaty Sunday class. If you don't know, Lululemon offers free community classes (usually yoga on Saturdays and bootcamp on Sundays) featuring instructors from different studios/gyms in the area. Today (and for the rest of July), instructors from Kaia FIT in Solana Beach were there. And they made "Sweaty Sunday" live up to it's name...it was a pretty intense workout!

Our warmup was 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 10 jumping jacks repeated as many times as possible in the given time. I was able to complete 4 rounds. Then, we divided up into three groups of about 10 people and went to different stations. The instructor, Tara, demonstrated the move and, as another part of the warmup, everyone had to do 10 reps of each move.

Then, the real workout began! Each station had three moves and each move had to be completed 10 times to count as one round. We had four minutes to complete as many rounds as possible. At the end, each group added up all the members' scores to create a total. The first station my group was at was: burpees, tricep dips and tuck jumps. The second station was: jumping lunges, crab tricep dips, and Russian twists. The third was: squat jumps, tricep pushups and ski abs.

Once we rotated through all the stations, we were told that we had to do the whole thing again! This time we were competing with ourselves and trying to beat our first score. I ended up beating all of my scores which made me pretty happy. My team overall also beat our scores.

The workout was intense but it was so much fun because it inspired competition but also teamwork. It was fun to cheer people on and know that other people were cheering for you.

By the ending cool down (some yoga-inspired stretching), I was exhausted and sweating but feeling great! I had such a fun time and felt proud of what I had been able to do. I definitely hope I can come back next week!

The only problem with having the classes at Lululemon is that I want Allllllll the clothes there! They are so cute and I have an addiction for shopping for fitness clothes. I had to pry myself away though because, sadly, Lululemon is not affordable on a college student's budget :( Though I was able to find some cute, cheaper leggings and a sports bra elsewhere!

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