1 Live, Love, Yoga: Early Morning Sculpt and Jury Duty

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Early Morning Sculpt and Jury Duty

Being the insane person that I am and knowing that I had to be downtown at 7:45 this morning, I found it to be reasonable to get up at 5 for a yoga class. Of course. It was Hot Yoga Sculpt one of my favorite classes and also the class I'm teaching on Saturday.

I love sculpt because it is such a full body workout but also incorporates the calming sense of more relaxed types of yoga. My body always feels tired after but in the best way possible. Plus it makes sitting here at jury duty slightly more bearable knowing that I have already gotten a workout in.

Which brings me to...jury duty *sticks out tongue* I'm hoping I won't be needed because I was planning on going to visit Max for a day since I had to get off work anyhow. So fingers crossed I'll be able to! Max is going to Seattle with his family this weekend so I wouldn't be able to see him until next weekend.

I'm super excited to teach sculpt on Saturday! I practiced my sequence yesterday and let me tell you I was sweating in my living room which is for some reason always cold. So we will definitely be sweating in the heated room! My best friend Carina is coming to my class! She's been doing a lot of yoga lately since taking one of my classes which makes me feel pretty darn proud! Also my dad is going to start coming to Ignite soon he wants to try hot yoga!


  1. LOVE sculpting! and lovely post! xoxo

  2. thanks! yoga sculpt is one of the best workouts! >^.^<