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Friday, July 20, 2012

Yoga Sculpt Workout!

Sometimes it's not possible to make it to a yoga class at a studio. However, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your practice for the day altogether. Practicing at home can be very rewarding and explorative! Get a fun, upbeat playlist and get your yoga on!

Here is what I did in my Yoga Sculpt class last weekend. You can do it with or without light weights (I would suggest 3-5lbs). It's a really fun, sweaty class that gets you energized and ready to face the day!

begin standing: deep breaths, inhale arms overhead/exhale heart center (repeat 4 times)
standing side stretch
5 sun A salutations

CHAIR POSE SERIES (repeat twice!)

chair pose hold with tricep kickbacks x 16
chair pose squats with shoulder press x 16
chair pose hold with row x16
chair pose squats with shoulder press x 16
chair pose hold with chest fly x 16


(from downdog)
crescent pose lunge with bicep curl x 16
pulse in lunge with bicep curl x16
crescent pose launch into warrior 3 x 8
warrior 3 hold x 16
pulse lifted leg x 8
(vinyasa and repeat opposite side)

warrior 2 with forward chest press x 16
triangle with tricep dip (upper arm dips behind head) x 16
triangle raise to standing x 8
horse pose squats/shoulder press x 16
hold horse pose with hammercurl x 16
pulse x 16
horse pose squats x 8
(vinyasa and repeat opposite side)


eagle x 16
warrior 3 x 16
standing split squat kickback (bring lifted arch to standing heel and kick back/up) x 16
tree pose x 16


plank hold x 8
side plank right hold x 8
plank hold x 8
side plank left hold x 8
elbow plank hold x 8
hip dips x 16

eagle crunches x 8 per side
Russian twist with weights at heart center x 32
bicycles x 32
bridge with pulse x 16
bridge hold x 16


reclined pigeon each side
reclined cowface each side
happy baby
side twists

Hope you enjoy this workout! It made me sweat! >^.^<

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