1 Live, Love, Yoga: Sunday Workout at Lululemon!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Workout at Lululemon!

post workout me!

Last night, I hung out with a few of my friends from high school which was fun. It was great to see people who I hadn't seen in a long time. I was pretty tired this morning so I didn't go to 8am yoga like I usually do. But, I did go to 10am bootcamp at lululemon! It was the last day of Kaia FIT classes and it was really fun.

We started off with a warm up running around the building mixed with short bursts of other cardio moves. Then, we came inside to do circuits. We were divided into three groups and there were three stations each with three moves. Each move was performed for 1 minute and then we rotated. After we completed all 9 moves we ran another lap and then came back in and did the whole circuit again! We finished up with some plank work and stretching. I was definitely sweating by the end (actually from like the warm up haha)!

After the workout, I met up with my friend Rochelle for coffee. We ended up staying and talking for like two hours! She is one of my best friends so we always have a ton to talk about.

Now, I'm back home eating lunch and planning on going to yoga at 4! My family gets back tonight so that will be nice. I'm subbing another yoga sculpt class this Thursday so that should be lots of fun!

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