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Saturday, July 28, 2012


This morning, I went on a hike with some people from Ignite. It was a beautiful day - the weather was perfect and the trails gave some great views. It was fun to talk with the other women. Even though I'm pretty much always the youngest one in the group, I do enjoy talking with everyone. Fitness activities can bring people together in so many ways!

I just finished eating some lunch and am going to do a cardio workout and a little bit of yoga this afternoon. I'm pretty tired so I'm going to try not to do too much (knowing me, I could convince myself to workout all afternoon...).

from left: my mom, grandma, me, grandpa at a wedding in February 2011

My family is still out in New Mexico and today is my grandmother's memorial celebration. Sadly, I was not able to go because of my work schedule for my nannying job. My grandma passed away last December of a brain tumor. She was such an amazing woman and did so much for all of her grandchildren (myself, my sister, brother and four cousins). She was also the one who introduced me to a lot of the activities I enjoy now.

Every summer since I was 7, we would all go to the mountains of New Mexico where my grandparents have a large piece of land and a big house (actually "houses"...). We would spend the summer there kayaking, swimming in the two lakes near the house, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful nature. We would also take day trips to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to relax in the natural hot springs or inner tube down the rapids of the San Juan River.

Nannah was so active all through her life, which is an inspiration to me. She loved to hike, run and kayak in the summer and cross country ski and snowshoe in the winter. She also loved to garden and, as kids, we were always treated to fresh veggies from her many gardens.

It was so hard for me and my entire family learn that Nannah had cancer last spring. It was completely unexpected and everything seemed to happen so fast. Last summer, I spent a lot of time in Texas and New Mexico helping take care of and spend time with Nannah. It was difficult to see her, who had always been so active and full of energy, not want to get out of bed. However, her personality was always vibrant and she loved to play cards, especially canasta, throughout everything she was going through.

Max and I kayaking in New Mexico

gorgeous view of Lake Heron, NM

My brother, Paul, and I helping Nannah water her gardens last summer
Nannah passed away in December 2011. It happened just about a week before I was scheduled to return home from London. It was very painful to have to say goodbye over Skype rather than get to be with her and the rest of my family. However, I am so glad that I got to spend time with her last summer. She was able to meet Max and really liked him. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to have an amazing grandmother who was so inspirational to her children and grandchildren.

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