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Friday, June 29, 2012

Early Morning Yoga

I love when I make myself get up and go to a 5:30 am yoga class. It always makes my day feel so much better. Today I did Vinyasa Bootcamp, which uses traditional yoga postures mixed with repetitions to tone and strengthen the body. This means a lot of chair pose, a lot of crescent pose to warrior 3, horse pose squats, plank holds and vasistasana variations. I love it because the class isn't heated, just warm, so when I'm drenched in sweat after I know that it's because I worked hard.

I've been happy to be back in San Diego and back doing lots of yoga. Luckily, I recovered pretty quickly from the flu I had while in Dallas. I've been working at the studio a lot this week and doing classes. Yesterday, I did three classes - yoga sculpt, yoga barre and Ignite 1. Yoga makes me feel so healthy and strong. Plus I just love being in a studio. It's such a positive atmosphere and it is always fun to talk to people about yoga. From working at the front desk I've met so many great students and teachers. I always look forward to it.

Next week is 4th of July, which happens to be Max's favorite holiday, so I will definitely be making some yummy holiday treats for him! I'm planning on trying some new recipes both vegan and non vegan so I'll post those later on.

For today, I'm going to see the apartment I'll be living in come September. I'm excited to not live in the dorms anymore. It'll be so much easier to eat healthily and much more comfortable.

I'm also going to a yoga meet up class with some friends from Bird Rock. Looking forward to that I miss my teacher training friends!

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