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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Great Day

This morning, I taught yoga sculpt annnnd.... It went really well! There were about 15 people who came to class. It was a good number, not too small, not too big. My best friend Carina was there and a few Ignite students who I've gotten to know came too. I had made a really intense routine and, with the heat, everyone was sweating like crazy - me included! We did a lot of lunges, squats, Warrior 3, Warrior 2  combined with different arm exercises. We finished off with some core work then stretching and savasana. I had such a great time teaching. It was challenging - counting reps while talking/encouraging everyone and actually doing the exercises isn't easy! - but it was so fun. I couldn't help but be energetic and happy the entire time. I had some fun music which made it even better. I'll post my workout on here soon! The moves are all really easy to do at home, you can even do it without weights if you want to!

After the class, Carina and I went to grab some acai bowls at the yogurt shop next door to Ignite. An acai bowl was just what I needed after teaching and before heading back to Ignite for a yoga sculpt workshop! The workshop was amazing! I was already pretty tired but I was able to do everything. We started off with about 25 minutes of vinyasa yoga to warm up our bodies. Then, we did over an hour of sculpting combined with yoga barre. The last 25 minutes was dedicated to stretching and savasana, which included adjustments and live music. My body feels great right now! I love how I feel so strong and toned after these classes.

I am so tired though! I did a quick 30 minute swim this afternoon which felt good but now I'm exhausted! Ready for a relaxing evening!

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