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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Great Weekend With My Boyfriend

This weekend has been great. I got a day off work on Friday which felt really good. I also have the house all to myself since my family went on a trip to visit relatives in New Mexico (I was pretty thrilled that I didn't have to go on the 17 hour each way car trip even though I do have to work while they're on vacation). Max decided to come visit for the weekend and we have been having a wonderful time!

Yesterday, I got up and did two yoga classes even though my arms were killing me from Friday night's adventures in aerial yoga (see the post about that here). Then, I went home and showered quickly, made a yummy salad for lunch and waited for Max to arrive. It was so great to see him!

We drove down to my new apartment that I'll be living in come September and he helped me move in a few boxes. Then, I went to Bird Rock to teach a donation based class. I ended up raising $10 for Yoga for Hope. Max was going to do the class but he hurt his knee while we were moving stuff so we decided it was best for him to just relax. 5 people came to class but they didn't show up until like 5:28 and the class was at 5:30! I was getting nervous! Luckily though, the showed up and I was able to teach! I had to modify my class plan because they were very beginner level but it turned out to be fine.

After class, Max and I headed home. I cooked some dinner (chicken, bean and cheese tacos for him and steamed veggie medley for me!) and we chatted and ate. Then, we decided to watch a movie. We chose (unanimously) Finding Nemo! I mean, really, who doesn't love Finding Nemo? We were totally cracking up the entire time :D

This morning, we woke up and I made some breakfast (waffles with peanut butter and fresh fruit for him and oatmeal and a fruit/kale smoothie for me). Then, I went to lululelmon for the Sweaty Sunday class. For the month of July, the Sweaty Sunday classes are taught by Kaia Fit. I had been to one of their classes before today and I love them. They are basically circuit training bootcamp classes. The intensity is high but the instructors are very friendly and motivating.

I went to the grocery store after that and picked up some essentials (milk for Max, more berries, tofu, and unsweetened acai). When I got home we took my dad's dog Skittles for a long walk around the neighborhood. (Disclaimer: I am very much a cat person and Skittles is really big and kind of scary to me so having to take care of her is my least favorite part of being home by myself!)

During our walk, we decided to try and go to the beach. We drove to Solana Beach and went to our favorite coffee shop for lunch. I got a garden salad with no dressing and an acai bowl with granola and blueberries. Max got a Bacon, Avocado and Tomato sandwich on a bagel. It was actually pretty chilly and cloudy down at the beach so we decided just to go back to my community pool where it was nice and sunny. I swam 32 laps in about 40 minutes. My swim workout is 4 laps (a lap being two lengths of the 25m pool) breaststroke + 4 laps freestyle is one set. 4 sets is 32 laps. I'm really a slow swimmer but I have pretty good endurance which counts for something I guess. In any event, I enjoy it.

After I swam, Max and I just chilled at the pool for a bit then went home and I made him some chocolate chip cookies and me some popcorn for a snack. Now we're just relaxing and enjoying being together. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow!

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