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Friday, July 6, 2012

Unexpected Teaching...Great Start to My Friday!

Typically, on Fridays, I get up and do a 5:30 am Vinyasa Bootcamp class. My boyfriend says that I have to get my yoga "drug" fix in. I just love the class and the feeling of being productive so early in the morning. Plus I find that yoga energizes me more than sleep at times.

So, this morning, I rolled out of bed preparing myself to take yoga class...and completely unprepared to teach a yoga class. When I reached the studio, though, a crowd of people was waiting outside. I assumed the teacher was just running a bit late so I opened the studio and let everyone get situated (I know the code since I intern at the studio). After about 10 minutes though, people were getting restless and I still was not able to get a hold of the teacher who was supposed to be there. Finally, I decided to just go for it and teach the class since that is what all these people showed up for and, when you get up at 5:30 to do yoga, you really want to do yoga.

I didn't know how to work the heater, I didn't know how to work the music, but I did know how to teach yoga. So, I taught the class! I was nervous at first but excited for the opportunity. I had to make up the sequence as I went but it turned out fine. I started off with some vinyasas so I could get somewhat of a plan together in my mind. Then, I did a flow and added some lunges and strength moves into it (since it was supposed to be a bootcamp class). Then, I did some more strength moves (chair pose squats, horse pose squats, side plank, etc.) followed by balancing and a few cool down poses. Overall, it was a successful class. I think I was able to give the 20 or so people who were there a good early morning workout! I was so energized afterward and felt pretty proud that I had been able to lead a class at the last minute.

I'm teaching again tomorrow night and next Saturday morning. I'm so excited for both. Being able to teach yoga and even just work at the studio gets me through long days nannying or working at the snack bar (which I'm doing today and tomorrow).

In other news, Max left this morning *sad face* I don't like how little we get to see each other during summer! But, I suppose, I am grateful that I get to see him at all! We had a great time the past few days celebrating 4th of July and my mom's birthday yesterday. We had a family tennis tournament yesterday - me and Max, my mom and brother and dad and sister all competed. It was really fun. I love how well Max and my family get along and that we can all do fun activities like tennis together. I had also done a yoga sculpt and a yoga barre class yesterday morning so I was exhausted after two hours of yoga and an hour and a half of tennis! It's okay though because I have to sit at work all day today so I had to get a lot of movement in yesterday and this morning. I'm planning on going to two Corepower classes tomorrow morning (sadly none of the class times at Ignite will work for in my schedule for tomorrow). I'm going to try the hot class which is like Bikram and then a C2 which is heated power yoga.

If anyone wants to join me for a class at Bird Rock Yoga tomorrow at 5:30pm that would be great! the address is 910 Grand Avenue, Pacific Beach, CA 92109 and the class is donation based! Suggested donation is $5 and it goes to Yoga For Hope!

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