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Monday, June 18, 2012

Yoga and Upcoming Adventures

Today was a wonderful day for yoga practice for me. You know how some days you just feel so good in class? Today was one of those days. I went to 3 classes at Ignite and they were all great. The first one was Vinyasa Bootcamp where we work on strengthening for our practice. This means we hold the poses for a long time, do lots of reps of chair pose, chaturanga and crescent and a bit of ab work. It was really fun though and, obviously, challenging which I enjoy. The other two were vinyasa classes and both very fun though less intense than the bootcamp.

Tomorrow I'm teaching a donation class! I'm excited to be able to teach again. I'm also hoping to be able to teach some family members while I'm in Dallas. We leave on Wednesday! My boyfriend, Max, is coming with us so he's coming to San Diego tomorrow! It's been two weeks since he last visited and it feels like quite a long time! It seems that we got pretty spoiled during the school year. He lives about 2 hours away which isn't far but when I'm working it's not possible for me to go visit.

I'm so excited for our trip to Dallas. Like I said, Max is coming with us. He's thinking about SMU for law school so we're going to go walk around the campus. I also found a place to go stand up paddleboarding so we'll probably do that. One of my best friends from elementary school is in Dallas for an internship so we're going to hang out with her too. Annnddd...one of my all time favorite yoga studios is in Dallas! So, obviously, I will be getting up super early every day to get my share of hot yoga in! I like this studio because they offer different styles of classes (Bikram, vinyasa) and different lengths of time (90 min, 60 min, 30 min). Lots of fun coming up!!

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