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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clean Eating Plan!

I'm a pretty healthy eater in general...I avoid fat and calorie laden treats like cake and cookies in favor for healthier options; dairy since I'm lactose intolerant; meat since I'm a vegetarian; and refined carbs like white bread and pasta. My diet consists of mainly fruits, veggies and whole grains. However, I do eat some processed foods (protein bars, Arctic Zero "ice cream", veggie burgers and sugar free soy mocha frapps are my weaknesses).

My cousin is getting married next weekend and I know that the food and drink choices will not be as healthy as I usually try to be, so I decided to do a week of "clean" eating before the wedding and a week after the wedding (I'm going to eat as healthy as possible when I'm at the wedding but I will definitely be having a few drinks). This means two weeks of nothing processed at all. I'm allowed to eat as many fruits and veggies as I want along with some non dairy milk (I like unsweetened almond), oats, quinoa, nuts and a bit of olive oil. So far, it hasn't been that difficult, but, then again, it is only Day 1. I think the most difficult part will be not being able to grab a convenient Luna bar when I'm hungry mid afternoon, especially when I'm busy with my nannying job and my internship at Ignite mixed in with daily yoga classes. But, it will be worth it to feel healthier.

This is what I've had today:

-smoothie with sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, ice and water blended together
-1 cup oatmeal with almond milk
-chai tea

-salad with: edamame, red bell pepper, cucumber, a bit of avocado and carrots
-small handful of almonds

-cantaloupe slices

-steamed veggies: broccoli, parsnips, sweet potato, carrots
-air popped popcorn drizzled with olive oil

I've been sitting at work (basketball camp snack bar) allllll day and it's been torturous! I haven't even been able to do yoga or workout. I'm planning on doing at least an hour of yoga/workout no matter how late I get home tonight. I know it's important to take rest days but I've been very sedentary today so I would prefer to take a rest day when I'm actually doing something active during the day instead of just sitting.

Tomorrow I'm planning on doing two yoga classes and maybe some strength training or cardio. Also it's Father's Day. My dad has been trying to get in better shape lately so I'll probably teach him yoga and make him a healthy dinner!

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