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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Past Two Days

have been INSANE! Insanely busy, that is. And long. At times fun. At times unfun.

quick recap...

5:20am - roll out of bed, get dressed and quickly grab water bottle, iPhone and head out the door
6am - teach Ignite 2...it was a great class! my dad went! (then he came home and promptly went back to bed haha)
7:30am - breakfast of oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk and a smoothie
9:15am - back to the studio to get my workout in...hot yoga sculpt!
10:30am - followed by hot yoga barre!
11:45am - get home, shower, get pretty (or presentable at least...)
12:30pm - make lunch, eat lunch
1pm - grab a coffee before picking up the girls from their parents' office
1:30-5:15pm - nannying job
5:15pm - grab another coffee
5:30pm - go to babysit for different kids
10:45pm - finally get home
11:15pm - collapse into bed!

5am - wake up call!
5:30am - vinyasa bootcamp yoga...great wake up class!
6:45am - breakfast, some relaxing and packing for spending the weekend at Max's new apartment
8:45am - head back to the studio
9:15am - teach Ignite 1
10:30am - teach Ignite 2
11:45am - shower, get ready, pack car
12:15pm - watch girls' dance camp recital...they were so cute!
12:45pm - take girls to get a treat at Albertsons (and coffee for me!) then go to their house
3:45pm - their dad got home early! I get off early!
4pm - go to the bank and sit at Starbucks until 5 when I get to go to yet ANOTHER babysitting job...I'm hoping that will be done before midnight so I can drive down to Max's...

It's been such a busy week for me and tomorrow I am working for my dad all day and then teaching in the evening. But after that it is time to relax with Max and enjoy some tennis and beach time! It's crazy but I think my life is going to be less hectic when school starts...hard to imagine haha I'm still loving being able to teach so much yoga though! I had a great moment this morning when, even though I was exhausted, I thought "Wow. I'm actually teaching yoga. I actually DO this. I actually made this happen." It was such a cool realization and made me really proud!
How I stay awake all day...lotssss of caffeine :p

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